Gaugemaster DCC15 Prodigy Decoder Doctor

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The Decoder Doctor doesn’t just allow you to test decoders to see whether they're working before fitting - but also on a test track as well, and it can read back the addresses and CV’s with just a press of a button.
There is a built-in 8-pin socket, and the Decoder Doctor comes supplied with an adaptor harness allowing you to test 6-pin decoders.

Special Features

  • LED Backlit Screen
  • Handheld design for ease of use
  • Directional light testing with in-built LED
  • One touch CV reading
  • Test your sound functions
  • Great value for money

Installation Instructions:

The input can be done in several ways, using the input cable provided (thick black and red wires) connect the bare ends to a 15v DC power supply or a DCC main track output. The input plug can then be inserted into the input socket at the base of the DCC15. Alternative to that you can plug any Prodigy power supply straight into the base of the DCC15 or even purchase a DCC65 15v DC supply if you are using the Decoder Doctor away from the layout.

The output cable (thin black and red wires) can now be connected to a piece of track either by crocodile clips (GM28) or by soldering. The small red plugs can now be joined together. This piece of track will now be your test track which can be used testing and programming your decoder equipped locomotives. New decoders can be plugged straight into the Decoder Doctor using the 8 pin socket on the front of the unit, or if it is a 6 pin decoder you can use the 8 to 6 pin adaptor supplied in the box.

Do not use analogue only items.